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Black GnosisBRONZE Member
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Attention all spinners in portland, one lucky jack ass might loose it for us all since he decided to stab some one while fire jam happened....Fire jam is a meetup in portland where a bunch of spinners come and spin, its heavily monitered and ran by the spinners themselves....I personally was there watching people after I did my two spins with Fire Poi, during this even I witnessed a brawl going on behind a spinner while they were performing, it was very distracting buit I wouldnt be a worht while witness since my attention was more on the spinner since I was spotting the person... I was unable to drop what I was doing until she was done, Appearantly one of the fire breathers went apeshit at a crack head and stabbed him three times, hopefully he will go to prison for his crime....he was very rude and kept cutting other spinners who were forming a "line' to go perform...oh wlel fire jam was cancled halfway through and we all dispersed after the cops showed up... hopefully this will not trash fire jam but if it does, theres gonna be a lot of pissed off spinners out there including this one, im new to Fire Spinning and I intend on keep spinning as long as the law forbids it... Hopefully fire jam should continue, Im outraged this happened and may have lost our Fire Spinning privalage because of it...nothings confirmed yet on how this is being handled....I dont have any media sources other then the internet...please update this if any one learns anything further....Comments?

as a final note, the person stabbed was alive and was transported out via ambulance at the site....

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_Clare_BRONZE Member
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Wow. I have never, ever heard of violence (or even aggression) at a fire gathering.

Very sad.


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cripes. Thats not good. Here's to hoping it never happens anywhere again.

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The world seemed very short of love just then, hopefully that fixed it.


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Apeshit is -it-!.. Keep everyone posted won't ya?

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whoa, not cool at all man, not cool at all...

peace and love to all

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NateBRONZE Member
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hope the person who was stabbed is ok and i hope the guy who did this gets what he deserves

do you know why he suddenly did such a thing??

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My gosh, that's really very terrible. Hopefully the law attributes blame to the idiot with the knife and not the spinning community at large.

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newgabeSILVER Member
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Sniffing petrol is known to rot the brain. Maybe this is another reason not to have fuel in the mouth either....

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Seb 643 posts
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In the mouth...It gets to your brain if you sniff it because up through the nasal passages there's little removing the tubes from the brain and the fumes start to wither the grey stuff. I don't know if it's possible or not through the nasal cavity as reached through the back of the mouth.

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KaelGotRiceGOLD Member
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Actually, I was at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, Utah at a hippie drum circle when someone got stabbed 20 feet in front of me. Instantaneous death...

I will not be going there again. Heard it was a drug deal gone bad.


Bloody tweakers.

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linden rathenGOLD Member
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thats nasty ... very nasty.

its amazing how people can just kick off - and frightening


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dude i would never have thought anyone would do that kind of thing at a fire jam....and if they get it banned then yeah there will be heaps of very pissed off twirlers about....

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Dead right. I wonder what the twirlers around wherever it got banned would do about it.

Edit: Actually yes, it's hugely shocking that something so nasty would happen in an environment like a fire jam, all the keroseney goodness and pleasure floating about int the air and all.
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Regards hug

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PsyriSILVER Member
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is this portland dorset? or portland somewhere around North america?

vanizeSILVER Member
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Portland, Oregon, is much more famous than the one in Dorset, silly crumpet ambassador!


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spritieSILVER Member
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There's also Portland, Maine which might be more widely known than Dorset as well.

However, upon looking at the original posters Intro, it seems Oregon, USA is the correct location of this Portland.