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hey all,

I recently picked up a pair of these streetlight poi:


in hopes of getting effects like these:


in fact, the poi in the long exposures above are the exact same poi I purchased.

now, when I play with *my* poi, I don't get the dotte line effect. I get solid lines, even when theyre in strobe mode:


the streetlights in my poi have three modes: solid, strobe, and chase. so my question is this: why aren't I getting the dotted line effect I'm looking for? are there different kinds of streetlights with different strobe effects and I have the wrong ones? what's the deal?!

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There was a thing about this a while back. I think the manafacturer no longer makes them strobe, but they are currently developing ones where you can get the same unit to strobe or stay on. If you click on the search function, the tab next to my home, and type in street lights you will be able to find more information about this. Please do a search before posting any new topic. oh, and welcome

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