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Posted:.:sparkey is practicing poi, juggling, unicycling, suchlike:.

-Hey, are you a clown?

-No, not really, why?

-You're doing clown stuff.

-Well, I'm not a clown.

-Are you going to join the circus?

-No, probably not.

-Why not?

-I don't want to join the circus.

-You should join the circus.

.:sparkey bangs his head on the nearest wall several times in exasperation:.

^The above conversation takes place around three times a week.


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Posted:People make wierd comments. The other day I was Contact juggling after youth group with one of my friends little brothers comes to me

I know how you do that.

oh really, how do i do it then?

your in highschool. so you learn it


i know your in highschool you have hair on your chin and thats called a goatee so thats why you can do that cause your in highschool

*laughs profusely*

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Posted:I get the clown question every time I go out in my backyard to practice.....and by the same stupid dumb kids too!!! They are only between the ages of 4 - 10 but still, goldfish memory or what?? I try to give em a different answer each time to see the surprise on their faces.... ubblol

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Posted:people are stupid and assume that anyone doing something out of the ordinary are clowns and therefore must be in the circus


welcome back to kermits mad land.

wont you join my teaparty.


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