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Posted:G'day!how ya doin?I'm just learning how to use poi at the moment - i did a class at Byron Bay a week and a half or so ago, and came back with a set of poi... once i'm a bit better at using them, i'm planning on using them for my job - i'm a clown. anyway, i was just wondering if there's anyone on here from around my area - blue mountains - or even not around my area, who wants to chat/meet up to do some poi-type-things! i'm also interested in learning to walk on stilts...

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adrian v

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Posted:hi, im from just near penrith, and if you dont mind a lil travel you can either head out to gleeb on thursday night aroung 8:30-9pm at the park at the bottum of gleeb point road and play with me and a bunch of other ppl or even go meet some ppl at newtown camperdown memorial park on wednesday nights around 8pm,,,,i think there still meating there, ask finn, flashfire, or frenzie..BB()()(*.*)(____)*adrian.


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Posted:necrobump wink

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