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hey there...jus inviting you all to my new reggae band's gig that is in falmouth during fal 4...i look forward to see you folk there...

1love borg xxxx devil devil

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Reggae, Hava?? Thats a bit of a change in musical style for you isn't it??

Any details?? where? when?

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H.a.V.a.B.o.R.g. 12 posts
Location: cornwall

hey mate!
ive been playin ina reggae band wit my dad on and off for about 10 years....its not totally jus reggae tho...bit o rock and distorted flute as well.
we are called "the fusionists"
its @ prince of wales(rite in middle o fal town)
on the 22nd july
free entry

but am working on some crazy trip-hoppy techno on my own....so watch dis space!

love borg xxx devil devil

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Hava you angel!!! u better be down at the beach over falmouth - wont be the same without you! xxx

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ohhhh sounds cool smile


duballstarSILVER Member
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sounds good to me... biggrin

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H.a.V.a.B.o.R.g. 12 posts
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devilyehhhhh! wicked! devil
look4ward to sein u all there...oh...pls spread the word!

hi vix! yep will make sure im there @ hop for the whole ting dis time!

oh...any tent space 4 jus me?

borg xxxxxx devil

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