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I've officialy started trying to learn how to ride motorbikes and well um.... first go....

too much throttle little clutch woosh... I go flying and do a stunt roll

2nd attempt... revs just right being gentle with clutch stall... oops

3rd stall
4th stall again
5th guess
6th OMFG I moved! 5 metres aswell.. be proud

much later after Ady has whizzed around a quarry putting me to shame

7th stall

gargh I'll get there eventually lol

and I certainly aint put off ubblove

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thats cool. tried riding a motor bike once i crashed into a bush biggrin twas very fun all kinds of bikes cause me accidents silly ones.
when your reall good on the motor bike you'll have to teach me biggrin
whats your fave bike mines a kawasaki ninja in lime green. i love them
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i learnt to ride a motor bike a few years ago, i loved it. its scarey and fun all at the same time. and wow what an adrenaline rush.

keep practicing you'll get there, and trust me its worth it!

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