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Hi smile

I just recently bought my first poi after a couple of sessions testing it.
Aaaand im pretty much in love.
The only poi availiable here in Oslo (except fire poi's) was the Kiwi poi.
The wings on it is already messed up..The fabric is too crisp and it has started to fringe. So i'm gonna make new ones. What fabric is recommended ? Im thinking artificial silk, but its maybe too heavy ?
Inputs are greatly appreciated smile

my poi

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my poi and me

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Rip-stop nylon is the best thing to use IMHO. You can get it from any decent kite / juggling shop. That's almost certainly what your current tails are made from. They might fray a little, but the rip-stop won't fray far.

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Hmm...Im no expert so i'll keep my humble perspective here...
Buuut i wanted to use silk or artificial silk to get AWAY from that nylon crap.. Wont silk work ? How about another soft fabric ?

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Ripstop is by far the best for tails. Anything else will fray within minutes of being spun unless you take the time to hem them, which changes the way that move, makes the tails stiffer.

The reason that the kiwido poi tails fray so badly is because the tails are cut on the diagonal, if you cut the tails in straight strips, inline with the grain of the material, you should not get fraying problems.

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These are the tailed poi that I make and the tails seem to last well. They make a lovely noise too. biggrin

P.S. you might want to edit your first post and either make the picture smaller or delete it because its making the page lots wider and therefore makes it difficult to scroll through the thread quickly ubbrollsmile
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If you use a hot knife to cut the tails it will help stop fraying as well.

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Shhhh Star! Don't make him delete the pic..... he's cute ubblol

Oops sorry thats way off topic....

You can use Silk if you can find someone with an overlocking sewing machine..... although it can look a bit naff unless you match the fabric and thread colour exactly or have an utterly contrasting colour and go for the over locking as a feature.

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you totally look my friend jeremy. hopefully you're cool like him too.

i agree with the above poster - they're cut to the diagonal and not stitched. what's up with that?

i bought the fabric poi they sell here -really high quality, although i wish i'd taped the cord where it comes out of the ball because it finally snapped (*sob*). it's one long tail, and it's stitched, so it never unravelled. maybe you should try only one tail if you make your own, or at least fold the fabric under and use stitches to keep it from fraying.

hope that helped. =)

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Your norwegian??
biggrin biggrin biggrin
*happy happy happy*

I'm firing up Poi In The Park in FrognerParken at Thursday.
You should come!
Send me an PM!

I love when I discover more norwegians!

I see you bought the poi at Standard?
I don't like them.. They are so frail.

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