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Posted: I've just come back from notts and am dying from the lack of hopers in my area i live in saffron walden (i know its essex but its next to cambridge city) and am looking for information on cambridge city meets. Any ideas???? juggle confused

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Posted:Hello! welcome

This is the wrong place for this message. It would get a much better reply if it is moved to the meet others forum. However you should check whether any threads already exist about meeting people in cambridge by doing a search. Click on the tab at the top of the screen, as you are new, I have done one for you and here are the results.Click me You could also try searching for people closer to you in this way. Please always do a search before posting. wink

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Posted:Hi stavvy,
As has been mentioned try searching the Meet Others and events forums to see what's happening in Cambridge and if nothing come up try a post in Meet Others.

Hopefully you'll find people close to you.


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