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Posted:It's over, and this year was an endurance test. We had tropical heat and tropical storms, tents flooding and mud... So much mud! Plus plenty of fire fun with my fire rope poi biggrin, sword, staff and huge juggling balls juggle Plus I met bez from the Happy Mondays weavesmiley

So much to take in in so little time, and now that's it til 2007. Worst part has got to be going back to work tomorrow, bah for the real world (I shake my fist at it!)!!

......Any other glasto survivors out there with tales to tell?

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Posted:one of the guys i camped with got so lucky with the flloding, he pitched his tent between two tractor tire marks which turned into rivers, but luckily they ran either side of his tent so he stayed completely dry!

i had many interesting moments, but one sticks out right now from early thursday morning when we got shown a secret tap for water, and then decided to pick one person out of the long queue at the bottom of pennard hill to pass on our knowledge. so naturally we chose the craziest looking guy we could see. unfortunately he didn't believe us and mumbled something along the lines of "but i like queuing" ubblol

Did anyone manage to slip over and stack it into any mud? I had plenty of slippery moments, but never fell over, which surprised me as i wasn't in the most clear frame of mind for most of the weekend! smile

Bring on 2007 bounce

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Posted:Posts already exist for this...
Glastonbury thread
Glastersurvivor stories

Look before you post smile

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Posted:Ucof saying:
Good call Puresock


But there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.


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