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spritieSILVER Member
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that people smile at your more, chat with you more, and invite you to ride
their motorcycles when you are all smiley and happy yourself than when you
are sad and gloomy?

Today, on my walk home from work, a guy I frequently walk by stopped me to
chat. Now, I've smiled at him before, and said Hi once, but today upon
seeing me all giddy, he decides to have a 5 minute conversation with me. I
now know his name and what he does (but not why he dresses so nice). Then,
when I'm out running errands and dropping off my rented movies, I get more
attention. I'm at a light and there are two guys on bikes in front of me.
I'm sitting there thinking that the bike in front of me is really nice (I'm
not fond of his friends). Well, we advance to the next light and the friend
does the little reverse wave to me, then the guy in front of me does it to,
so I wave back. Then the one in front of me signals for me to get on the
back of his bike, to which I kinda shake my head no. He then signals that
he can pull into the nearest parking lot for me to get on. I'm in a dress
and have nothing to tie my hair back with, or else I probably would have.
So, I again shake my head no, and they do the little reverse good-bye wave -
all of this without ever turning their heads around to see me. So, as soon
as the light turns green, the guy that did the inviting pulls over next to
me and smiles so that I can actually see his face (so I assume, I really
have no idea why guys do this, but truckers are notorious for it). So
anyway, this makes me smile some more and kinda chuckle to myself.

However, when I was gloomy on Saturday and went out for a drive, none of
this same behavior happened at all. Heck, I didn't even get one honk from a
passing trucker which is rare in the summertime. They way I sit when I'm
driving kinda exposes my thighs in a provocative fashion, so I've just
become used to them. While driving once to Austin, I encountered a highly
amusing trucker guy. He would just drive along right next to me for long
stretches of road. It didn't matter if I was in the right or the left lane.
Well, he eventually slowed down for a bit, and I soon found out why. He
honked (this was the first time for that) and held up a sign "You're HOT".
I kinda smiled and kept on driving knowing that he had just written the sign
since the letters were not straight. A minute later, another honk and
another sign "Nice legs". I did the same and kept on driving. So then it's
about 5 minutes later and I'm on the other side of the road where it's
harder for me to see his sign. Here comes another honk, so I look..."Show
me your tits"... this one got a huge NOOOO! from me (although I know he
couldn't hear me at all, but that didn't stop my reaction). I think he
could tell from my body language that I was disgusted with him because he
finally dropped back. My BF called about a minute after this happened, and
he was just highly amused and said "well, you can't really blame him".

Thing is, they don't do stuff like that when I'm not all happy in the first
place. Why is that? I need the attention more when I'm gloomy.

oh, and as a disclaimer for the worry warts out there...I have never, nor to I ever intend to actually get on the back of a bike of a stranger. Knowing me, the most I would ever do is head into the parking lot to chat with the folks for a while. Impulsive around strangers, I am not.

duballstarSILVER Member
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ubblol having just had a quick look at your photo gallery miss i'd have to say your bf's right, you can't really blame them cos you're gorgeous an that's a lovely smile you got! how scary can you look when you get grumpy though? must be pretty different to your happy face not to get any honks... eek wink

likewise though, even though i'm not as pretty as you (or even a girl) i find if i'm in a good mood and act like it i get a more positive response from those around me... biggrin

It is our fantasies that make us real. Without our fantasies we're just a blank monkey' - Terry Pratchett

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