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I am new to the site, and can't seem to find which channel the irc chat is on. Can someone tell me? Thanks

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I don't know, but if I bump this, someone more intelligent than myself may answer

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sorry i don't know where it is, but in a thread a few weeks ago, someone was asking about having a chat. . .either the thread's title says something like "chat for Home of Poi" or it says something less obvious like "proposal for something at Home of Poi" . . . something like that.

one reply was from a veteran (sorry, don't remember whom) who was quite comfortable with technology, said a chatroom for HoP existed, however, it took several tricky-sounding steps (for most of us) to connect. the starter of the thread, of course, was hoping for an easy common chatroom on the regular HoP screen, a window multi-user chat.

if that techie answer is what you're looking for, unless as Rozi & i hope someone with the answer responds here, you may want to look for the thread i've mentioned.

all i know.

~ Mike

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