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Posted:I was out in the garden, working on our new chicken run and i over heard our neighbour telling her kids that its a cage for naughty children and if they misbehave they will get locked in there! I went along with it and the kids swallowed it whole!

It made me think about what nonsense we were told (and then believe) as kids by adults.

My parents made me believe that they were over 100 years old (i was only 3) which led to much embarassment for me at preschool when i mentioned it!

So, what silly things were you told when you were a kid?

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Posted:my parents never used to say things like that alot....
apart from 'if you stay in the bath too long you'll stay wrinkly'

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Posted: Written by: The Tea Fairy

One day mum played a really cruel joke and hid behind the bathroom door then called my sister saying 'Help! Help! I've gone down the plughole!' resulting in my sis staring down at the plughole shouting at my mum, tears in her eyes and all. rolleyes


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Posted:Any time we asked what our dad was cooking for dinner, we were told things like eyeballs and lizard toes.


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Posted:today i was spinning at the markets and these kids came up to me and said *points at the badge i'm wearing that says "5 at last"*, "are you really 5?" and i reply "yes, i am, but i'd rather not talk about it" and his face just went blank then he wandered off. ubblol

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Posted:I remember my Dad telling me that the tooth fairy wasn't real- it was just him in a tutu..

And I went and repeated it at school... and one of the teachers heard me, and told EVERYONE.. I was about 5..
I just decided this one myself, but I was convinced for years that it I let my parents know I didn't belive in Santa, they'd stop giving me presents, so they thought I believed in Santa 'till I was about 15..


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Posted:I used to live on a big property and there was a megaphone attached to the roof to amplify the phone ringing in case everyone was outside. My brother told me it was a monster's nest. I didn't go near it for ages.




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Posted: Written by: linden rathen

if you unscrew your belly button your arse falls off


bwahahaha ubblol ubblol ubblol

i was told by my kindergarten teacher that if you put salt in the tips of your hair and put a glass of water beside your bed, your hair would grow long over night because the salt made you hair thirsty and it would grow towards the glass of water.... i am pretty sure i went home and tried that one. redface

i also remember from primary school one of the other students telling us that if we all put our hands in the air when the flouro lights blinked off, they would come back on. i somehow put that together with the saying 'many hands make light work' and it was only a couple of years ago realised the saying wasn't about illumination confused

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