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Posted:Farside halo:

Put your right hand (holding a staff) just below your left armpit, with the thumb facing forwards. Spin one-beats here, so that the top of the staff is coming inwards.

As the thumb end comes to be pointing up, plant the staff on your left shoulder, let it halo across the back of your neck, and catch it in your right hand, on your right side.

Easy. Practise going into it from spinning (forwards) on your right - you come across with your pinky leading, so that the pinky side of your right hand enters under your left armpit, you get about half a rotation, and then you're into the halo.

A continuous doubles halo pattern:

Make sure that you can do a basic parallel halo pattern with btb catches, i.e. spinning parallel with the tops of the staffs moving left to right, LH places staff on neck, haloes and catches btb under the right armpit. You'll probably find that as you halo, the RH moves out and back, and you lean back a little to let the staff come through your armpit and let your LH get round the back to catch it.

Now, try the same thing, but as your LH enters the halo, your RH moves across your body, ready for a farside halo. Your LH should catch it's halo BTB, but *NOT* under the right armpit - the stick will just fall off your right shoulder because your right hand is across your body. While this is going on, the RH is releasing its staff, farside haloing, and catching back on the right.

There's a beat of spinning, and then you can start again with the LH halo.


(I'm sure that there's a pattern without extra beats - I think it comes from doing alternate time, and making it a 3 beat pattern with the halos 1.5 beats apart not a 4 beat with the halos 1 beat apart, but my brain didn't want to play this lunchtime...)

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just had a go and i can see potential but im getting my arms locked together at the mo.
its just like a move i do but i do it all behind the back and swap the staffs over between hands while the other one is doing a halo.
Any chance of a video to make sure ive got the right idea?

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Posted:nicely explained well done. now all i need to do is go home and try it tongue
i gave it a good rate


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Posted:Dammit. I'm rubbish at visualising moves from written instructions. You'll just have to come to Fal4 and show me. biggrin

Sounds phat tho...


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Posted:Im rubbish at visualising moves from written instructions as well, but i get the general gist of whats going on. Sounds like a very nice move.
I spent a good deal of time trying to get the simultaneous BTB pass and halo roll. Unfortunately i kept smashing the passing staff into my elbow, belting me right on the "funny bone". Much more painful than funny actually!

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Posted:Wicked stuff Dave, i think i get ya biggrin

Will play with that this evening me finx............ ive ben playing with similar but involving a turn whilst in the middle of the halo....

doubles ubblove

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