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Charity event in aid of: Temple Street's Children's University Hospital
Saturday 25th June 2005

This is a once in a life time magical experience. Imagine dancing all night long side by side with 1500 people to a earth quaking soundsystem churning out beats provided by a full international line up of professional DJ's and live acts, inside a beautiful transformed UV decorated castle surrounded by beautifull gardens, an amazing enviroment for all kinds of juggling and poi.
We welcome all people through out the solar system to join us and share in this wonderful experience.


All the usual psychedelic goings on going on, attractions include: drummers, fire dancers, giant deco, psychedelic market, chillout area,....we have all and we are open to all.

& 3 ROOMS OF MUSIC!!! Playing:Full on Psy Trance Progressive House & Trance, Morning Trance, Leftfield & Chillout.
Location: Glennart Castle, Co.Wicklow ( 40 mins driving from Dublin )

LIVE ACT: Indika (Spirit Zone / AP Records) - Mexico


Dj Vazik (Spirit Zone / Sounds of Earth) - Mexico
Kristian (Phantasm Records) - UK
Dj Geza (Spirit Zone / 4 Winds Circle) - Mexico
Phlogmasie(The Infected Surface) - Gemany
Zefer (Neutronyx) - Spain
Djane Sankha (Acida Project) - Mexico
K.V (erase Records) - UK
Dj Druid (Future Beat) - N. Ireland
Geoff (Druid Circle) - Ireland
Acid Casualty (Earthdance) - Australia
Fungusok - Russia
Alonso (Neutronyx) - Spain
Psy-Am (Walking with the Shaman) - Ireland
Djane Bandia - Ireland
TEO (Neutronyx) - Italy

Video Projections by MAD KREATIVITY (I-run)
Full UV deco provided by Atom.Glow

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