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Posted:I guess the most obvious form of religious extremeism is terrorism which we all know of.....
But what about other forms?
The one i most remember is the last election when the new party called the Family First party, a christian party, first came into the spotlight. A party member said in an interview that lesbians should be burnt at the stake as witches and that buddhist temples, Mosques, bottle shops and synagoues(sorry about the spelling) are "satan stronholds"

This sort of narrow minded descrimination sh!ts me so much, just wondering what you guys think or know about it.

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Posted:i think you can put a number on qualitative information, but as long you recognise that the number is arbitrary, in the sense that another person could create another set of numbers for the same information.
for example, on a scale of 100, (100 being of highest value), where would you put the value of a human life? how do you value a human life? does it matter what the person does? what they have done with their life, what crimes they have committed? different people will score it differently. with such a large degree if interpretation playing a role, i think it is impossible to 'accurately quantify qualitive information by putting a number on it'

i dont think either quantitative or qualitative is 'better' or 'worse' than the other, but they deal with different types or forms of information. i dont think you can accurately and precisely transform one form into the other. but thats just my thoughts on it.

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