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Posted:From what little I have seen of spinners, there seems to be a tendency among many of the males simply to spin as fast as they can with few changes in tempo.

I don't say that everybody does this, I am just curious as to why that seems to be the case.

Any ideas?


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Posted:and drum and bass...and that friggin darude for creating the best song to spin to......SANDSTORM!!!


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Posted:uh can i be a heretic and ask why there is a perception that there are specifically guy/gal twirls? It must be the melb scene, but i say that speed, grace and tempo aren't specifically defined by gender. I do find female twirlers more arousing tho

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Posted:quote: and drum and bass...and that friggin darude for creating the best song to spin to......SANDSTORM!!!
As much as a hate to penalise people for liking awfull music there is something very wrong with that sentence.
Now go and stand in the corner and think about what you just said.

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