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Posted:hello wave

i recently managed to find a supplier of shellsol d60 local to my home.

this made me very, very happy biggrin

shellsol d60 is already used commonly by firespinners in australia and comes highly recommended as a cleaner-burning alternative to paraffin - i.e. less soot and less smell smile

shellsol d60 msds

by buying in fairly large quantities, i have negotiated a price of just over 1 per litre with the supplier - which is pretty comparable to the price of paraffin in the uk.

so, because i will have lots and because i know that this is a hard to find fuel at good prices, i would like to offer to sell on shellsol d60 (at cost price) to anyone who is interested.

i plan to buy at the beginning of next month so if you are interested and live/work/play in or around the london area, please either pm me or post your questions here.

cheers poiple hug

cole. x

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Posted:Spammer.. wink



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