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Posted:I think alot of people at one time or another concider plastic surgery. My friends and I have concidered different plastic surgeries for awhile now. I have always decided they were in vanity and I should try to be more happy with what I have.

This time no dice.

The scar from my tracheatomy is HUGE! 6 inches across the front of my neck with all these little scars around it because I was allergic to the medical tape. It didn't heal at all like they said it would.
As a performer, it will effect my getting jobs. As a person it effects my psyche. Even my friends who are now used to seeing it stare, and strangers ask me what is up with it. It makes me really uncomfortable.

I still need time for it to fully heal so I can't hide it or make-up it yet. But when it is fully healed, because it will effect my profession, I was told I can have corrective plastic surgery.
It just makes me weary to go through a bunch of shit again in a hospital.

What do you all think? What are your opinions in general about plastic surgery.

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Posted:Leave the scars, men dig scares

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Posted:I'm sure you'll be able to answer this question yourself through your thoughts over the coming weeks. This isn't vanity, it's restoring your natural look.

Correction will not be perfect but will make it look a lot better. So you won't get so many stares, which is going to be good mentally. However, you get used to the stares so you've got to think long term.

Affecting your profession is a definite concern, wear weird costumes which cover it maybe? As that's a less than ideal solution then plastic surgery would seem to be a logic answer.


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Posted:Yeah, Bram's right - I just love it when someone jumps out from behind a wall and shouts 'BOO!'

Usually, I'd say leave scars as they are, unless you have a good reason to have them removed.
However, I'd also say a 6 inch, visible scar across your neck that makes people treat you differently and could effect your career is a good enough reason.

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Posted:Hello. I personally feel that plastic surgery is not for me (I don't like the idea of having surgery of any kind unless it is really necessary).

I think for some people it is OK. I don't like the idea of cosmetic plastic surgery such as breast enlargements and facelifts etc as I think those are really unneccesary - I think most people who really feel they need them should think more positively about themselves before they resort to surgery.

However, for things like breast reduction, scar reduction, removal of birthmarks moles etc I think plastic surgery is a great idea. These procedures to me are not just cosmetic they can be benificial medically and can make a real difference to the confidence of the person involved.

Ultimately I think it has to come down to the choice of the individual and wether the benifits of removing the scar, birthmark, mole etc outweigh the downside of the surgical procedures.

Hope this helps


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Posted:I'll trade u 4 it

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There are two types of plastic surgery:

1) Cosmetic surgery is used to change an inborn trait that the patient doesn't like, but is not in any way pathological. In some cases, I think that this sort of surgery is unnecessary and superficial (boob jobs, tummy tucks, face lifts, etc.). In other cases, (people born with really crooked noses, people with ears that stick way out, etc.) this sort of surgery can do wonders for the patient's self-confidence and really make them happier for life.

2) Reconstructive surgery is used to change either an inborn trait that does affect function (cleft palate, facial tumors, jaw surgery, etc.) or deformities acquired through trauma (like your case). If you chose to get reconstructive surgery, I certainly wouldn't call you superficial for wanting to get this scar repaired. However, talk to a plastic surgeon about how long to wait before doing it. You haven't been out of the hospital that long and the scar probably isn't done healing yet.

Hope this helps.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:I would wait a while to make sure you're emotionally ready too. Do you really need more trauma right now in your life?

And scars to take a long time to heal... Every generation of cells makes it a bit better. It took about four years for my knee surgery scars to totally disappear. Every now and then I look for them and they're completely gone... wierd.

Besides, chicks in chokers are hot. I'll see if I can find one that matches the bracelets I got you last time.

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Posted:Well, I think that everyone has pretty much said everything I was going to say, but just wanted to say that of course we all think you're beautiful either way. However, if you feel you have to get this done for your career or if it is causing you serious anxiety about your appearance, then weigh out the options. Chokers are damn sexy, but I have no idea if that would cover it enough. Just make sure that your ready for it physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. And whatever you choose will be right for you, Gorgeous.

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Posted:Take it from someone with more scars than anyone on this this board,you are beutiful any ways.
I have many scars and yes it does bother me sometimes but I deal with it because all the plastic surgery in the world wont fix me.I still enjoy life and poi as much as anyone.It shouldnt affect yuour work its called takes time but eventually you will be comfortable with your self , and that is all that matters.

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Posted:Scarring is never pleasant like that, but the skin needs time to heal. It may be an idea to wait a while just to see how it goes, but nobody could ever call you superficial for wanting to remove scar tissue. However I don't think it would adversely affect your work to any great degree.

At the end of the day you have to do what you feel the most comfortable with, and if you are going to get it done, make sure you get a good job done properly - dr mike probably knows some cool people.......

actually, after conversing with dr. mike about the ins and outs of quantum physics (see the fortune telling forum) maybe you shouldn't ask him afterall.... (only kidding Mike! )

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Raymund Phule (Fireproof)

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Posted:Some things you might want to ask yourself,

Do I really miss the hospital that much?

Can make up cover it up efectivly?

Do I have the money for this opperation?

Make sure if you do this to let the docs know about the tape thing!

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Posted:Pele, the choice is yours really. You have to decide wether or not you are happy having the scar there.

I wouldnt worry about the plastic surgery part as that will not be a worrying time in hospital for you and I dont think there is any issue when it is to remove a scar from an operation.

Take care



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Posted:Pele, I have no opinion about plastic surgery. I can't say if it is right for you or not.
But I do have some experience with treating scars.
Scars from incisions as well as those we get routinely from touch-contacts in fireplay heal quickly but the scars can stay for a year or two.
The number one most important thing to do at this point is to keep the scar out of the sunlight. That is what causes the uneven discoloration that makes scars stand out. Wear a scarf everytime you go outside.
The problem with scars is that they are brittle and can lead to further health problems. The response to this is to use lots of skin lotion with vitamin and herbal ingredients. Some anti-scar lotions claim to have amazing results.
And use visualization therapy: picture your neck as being beautiful, scar-free healthy and young.
Take care of yourself; this is still going to take some time.





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Posted:your decision will be difficult, and intimate.

but after reading these posts, yes, i have something to add, a different perspective. i almost thought of asking you here if you wanted a positive view (fully recognizing the trouble, pain, and adjustments involved for you); then decided to trust you & trust me in positivity.

it's difficult technically, too. a plastic surgeon is more importantly artist than plumber, while the plumbing must be excellently done, too. it's his eye & hands, even after computer mock-ups. it's an artist's work, cosmetic or reconstructive.

yet it's been such a little time that it has been possible to do it as well as it can be done for you now! your chance to have the quality of plastic surgery you may find this year has only developed, heck, within our lifetime.

we're lucky to live at a time when it's available, where we've advanced that far. we're advancing so quickly in these areas, we sometimes forget how slow it was for 8 million years. early brain surgery was done way back, of course, it doesn't even need those examples dug up by archeologists, of course people tried everything on heads & bodies, including surgery, since forever. just as Japanese been using wires to shape trees beyond Mama Nature for centuries, & we've bred how many? dog breeds for 100,000's of years, but we could do little about human reconstruction or revision, especially after youthful growth was no longer to be manipulated.

surely you know, my lady, of Nuada Argitlam, Nuada Silverarm, champion of one of the Irish ancestor races? it was a wonder that the silversmith-surgeon fashioned him a replacement for his arm lost in battle, which fully functioned and was filigree-beautiful, as the lore-masters remember. and a few other rare tales tell of such mechanical wonders. fewer tell of plastic surgery, except for witches turning you entirely into a wabbit, making your nose grow with your lies, or a few other cases like the Monkey King of Flower Fruit Mountain, guardian of the monk who travelled from China to get scriptures in India, who could transform himself like a shapeshifter in any culture. that's if you can do it yourself. we've forgotten all these old tricks, my lady!

but now, after generations last century or two (only!) of research, trial, practice, and invention, we can do quite a lot again. not everything, not seamless yet, still leaving changed muscle shapes, missing flesh sometimes, or even more removed, stretched or grafted skin of a lil different kind. but if it's done, it will be a new construction of you beyond your birth-genome. we are shaping a lot now through surgery.

so if you choose it, you avail yourself of many blessings even our parents didn't have, only one generation ago, at our age. they can only share the same recent developments we do, with us now, in our time.

take them, take more or less of them, or leave them, what a wonderful thing to have the opportunity and choice to consider such improvements, so recently available.

blessings on who you are, NOT only who you have been, you surely understand me here, and blessings on all who you will be. always, always, merry met for the lady Pele is. She who can take surgeries like couture accessories or powders, and who can leave them at her will, who has power over many ways and means of changing her body in detail, using many skilled craftspeople, magicians, and attendants.

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- to Pele, AM PST

with all my love,

~ Deathair Aedflan, filid of the Streeter clan

molten cheers,

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Posted:quote: As a performer, it will effect my getting jobs. As a person it effects my psyche. Even my friends who are now used to seeing it stare, and strangers ask me what is up with it. It makes me really uncomfortable. Under these conditions I would be all for plastic surgery. Psychologically, you've suffered enough as it is now - you don't deserve to deal with a scar that's going to preoccupy your mind like that just because of a freak accident that wasn't even your fault. I think it's safe to say EVERYONE around here loves and appreciates you (even newbies such as myself) and wouldn't want to see you go through any emotional trauma over this, whether you have plastic surgery or not.

What's causing the question in your mind, is it the having to deal with doctors/hospitals?

Oh yeah, side note - I should personally thank you Pele because in my Tech Writing class I had to do technical instructions and decided to do them on Fire Breathing The teacher thought it was an exceptional piece and since you're the one who inspired me to write it I say a big THANKYUU!!!

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Posted:Hi Pele,

I guess I can't begin to really understand how you feel! But you're in my thoughts and prayers...

I think plastic surgery is definitely an option if YOU do not feel comfortable with a big scar being a part of you.

You are going to be the same lovely person regardless of whether you have 8 ears blue skin dont shave your legs or have some scarring... I have some gory scars (not very big or in a place that gets seen all the time...only about 1nch by 1/2 inch on my hip) .. its very weird looking... but then its a part of me so its fine to me)

Again, not to really be compaired with your full-on experience... hmmm...

A guy I know burnt his face (really badly...very bad scars) from firebreathing with shellite a few years ago. He used lots and LOTS of aloe vera and his skin is actually better than it was now (all fresh and baby soft... you'd never know) ...
Give that try... and I mean LOTS and LOTs of it... (sticking it on a couple of times a day)

But apart from that... give yourself a break for a bit.... I mean... maybe do less performing and more other-stuff for a little while? Just to give your body and mind time to heal, and then make the decision whether or not to do it?

Thinkin of ya chicky...

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Posted:Interesting Discussion.

Im for plastic surgery. Only because i have a lot of physical scarring myself, and will one day (when i can afford it) be getting reconstructive surgery.

In the meantime Pele, i would like to make some suggestions that will help the scar you have fade more and heal quicker?

100% RoseHip oil (dont get one mixed with anything else) is very benificial to helping smooth, heal and fade scar tissue. Having 60% of my skin covered in scars, i would gladly recommend this to anyone. It is the ONLY thing that has helped fade, and heal the scars i have. Because you will have to gently rub/massage it into the skin, be careful about when you start to use it. The restorative powers of rose hip oil are quite good tho, as well as the gentle massage that helps to "break down" the hard skin that scarring produces.

Much Love to you Pele, with whatever you decide. xxoxxo

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Posted:If you do have any surgery, be very careful that the surgeon is well-qualified and experienced. Someone you can trust.

A good mate had a very visible scar, that caused a lot of pain when twirling. They had it "fixed" through surgery, however they came out with a larger wound, and more pain than before.

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Posted:Pele, ultimately the decision is up to you, but having had facial reconstructive surgery twice during my childhood, I feel I might be able to add a useful perspective. Between a dog bite and an unfortunate encounter with a concrete wall I have had 54 stitches on my face (wall=split forehead and dog=slashed lower lip to be precise) luckily niether involved lost flesh or broken bone, but both had a high probability of leaving me badly scarred and disfigured. My parents opted to have my face stitched up by plastic surgeons both times instead of leaving it to overtired residents. My face is not perfect, my skin is not flawless, but the scars are now a part of me, and while they are definately still there, they are not obtrusive. They are added character and conversation piece (and the forehead one is actually pretty useful for yoga visualization as it is in the perfect 3rd eye position *grins*) but the use of plastic surgery allowed me to live as any other little girl without feeling ugly or akward (well, any more then any young girl does ) now I see people with the scars I /could/ have had and still thank my parents for making the decision to use a plastic surgeon.
The decision to brave another surgery of any type is ultimately yours and I would think is very different from the question of vanity (also remember, it's possible that depending on how the scar heals it might not even involve actual surgery, but that's somthing to discuss with your doctor) Further surgery is a matter of comfort, trust, and security. And remember, it can't hurt to look into it, the worst that can happen is that you dont go through with it. Discuss, inquire, research, and when /and if/ you feel comfortable, move forewards.
It is not vain to want to look like yourself and present yourself as best you can. It is not vain to ensure that your appearance will allow you to continue your chosen profession (any more then wearing a nice suit for a professional desk job is vain if you think about it). How is wanting to be yourself bad?
As far as healing aides, I agree with pretty much everything I've seen so far, sunblock is crucial, and moisturizers will help speed softening and healing immensely. As far as moisturizers I would also suggest pure Vitamin E oil and cocoa butter, they are wonderful for both scar tissue and stretchmarks (and hair, and nails, they're just good all over really).
Are you still at all involved with SCA stuff? I know you're upstate, and would love to meet up with you if we are both attending any of the same events.

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Girl From Mars

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Posted:hey pele, great to see you are posting again (for all i know you may have been posting for a while and i'm just clueless) i would say do what you need to do to make yourself feel better about the situation. it's your body and your appearance to others. if it was a scar of smaller size then i would say leave it. but since it's decent and probably quite noticable i can see how it might make situations uncomfortable. what ever you choose make sure it's what you want and what you feel in your heart is the right decision, best of luck.

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Posted:Hello Pele -

I'm so glad that you are back on your feet now - I was worried after I heard what happened!

Anyway - one thing you can be doing now is helping the scar tissue to heal - scars usually take about 6 months to calm down and years to fully heal - if you can (and if youare not allergic to it) apply vitamin E - put a hole in a capsule and smear it on - all over and many times as you can during the day - 4 should be good.. also Aloe vera - as pure and natural as you can get it.. from the plant is excellent at nite time.

Both will help to reduce the redness and bumpiness of the scar - When I worked in health food I told this lady the same - she had been attacked and had a huge red raw scar across her cheak.. It didn't make it go away - but it reduced it so much she wasn't bothered by it anymore -

It might be enough to make you feel more comfortable - and even if mother nature doesn't work 100% you've got the back up of modern science - hope it helps.

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