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Whiffle Squeek

Whiffle Squeek

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Posted:OK, this might have been asked before, but i couldnt find anyhting on it through the search...

I need details on setting up a spinning class. Ive been planning on doing so for a while, and plan on having one by the summer. Im well connected through the local parks and rec system and should have no problem getting the class put through once i submit it, however, first i need some details such as:


length of class

number of teachers

number of students

insurance???(will i need this even if im not doing fire)

location (i was thinking perhaps having initial classes in our high schools dance studio, and then perhaps moving outside as we progress, and possibly for some lighting up)

waiver forms( so that if a person hurts themself or goes and sets themself on fire, im not responsible?)

anyhting else???

thanks for all who respond...

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Posted:First find a place.
then they can answer all those questions for you.

I have helped teach a number of 'classes' and they all are pretty liberal about requirements, so you could really customize it the way that you wanted. Personally, I wouldn't take more than ten students per teacher, not enough one on one time without it.


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