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Posted:A couple of times now I have taken my practice poi along to some social gatherings so I can show my friends what it is all about. I noticed something strange (and quite amusing) though. Every time I get out my practice poi, inevitably (as the name of the thread suggests) someone who has probably never even heard of poi in their life will walk up to me and ask me if they can give it a try. I will then proceed to instruct them on how to do a basic weave, but then they ignore me flat, spin the poi as fast as humanly possible and wildly flail their arms around as if doing some strange tribal dance and proceed to whack themselves in sensitive places, causing great pain in the process. They will then give me back the poi, telling me loudly how they cant do this rubbish and walk off. biggrin

I told another friend who does poi about this and he says the same thing happens to him.

Does this happen to everyone else out there or is it just us? confused

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I never really got into poi too much as I'm much better with all my other fire toys, but I've watched enough people f*ck themselves up with my chain whip and staff that I think I need to carry release waivers with me when I spin in public.

Looky loo's and chest thumpers like that are why I hate practicing in public.

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Posted:Mostly kids. Which is why they never get a hold of my staff - for a start, they're way too short and I don't want the tip of my staff being dragged across the ground.

Oh and I'm Chinese by ethnicity so I keep on getting questions like:

"Is that ninjitsu?"


"Can you do flying kicks 'n [censored]?"

rolleyes Muppets.


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my brother does the stupid flaily thing... di*kheads all of em...



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Posted:there will always be some of them. but, then again, there are so many genuinely intrigued persons out there that makes it an enjoyable experience to teach them some smile




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Posted:Thank God that there will always be some of those people around....there is nothing better after spinning for a while than to laugh at some fool, who knows better, smack himself in his sensitive places. ubblol

I say bring them on...we could all use a good chuckle

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