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You guys remeber the first day where you really start to do some POI, Today was mine ... I did around 8 hours of POI total!
For my firsnt day I got butterfly and 3Beat Weave done (YaY) and I can do reverse 3beat Weave but I still need to work on that!

how about you? how did day #1 go?

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Day one was great!

Mine was a few weeks ago when my fluffy poi came in the mail. I took the rest of the day off instead of studying, and did poi for about 5 hours. I learned a ridiculous amount in that time... People look at me funny when I tell them I've been doing poi for less than a month! biggrin

I went from being a single/double staff man to being a poi/double staff man.

What kind of poi are you using?

Hooray for taking up poi! hug

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It's always more easy if you've done something similar before. Excuse for calling staff similar, but the moves are in some way.

I'm practising with kiwidos at the moment, but I don't like their strings - will make sock-poi.

good swing!


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My first day I think I might've got a butterfly. I think it took about 6 months before I could do weave and reverse weave...I wasn't very good when I started and didn't have anyone to teach me or anything to learn from.

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My first poi day???......
I had some help from Pheeb and sposibly Tor, i picked up 3beat weave and butterfly quite easily, it took me a while to get windmills ect. but i actually learnt 'horizontal mexican weave' before windmill without meaning to. lol. I'd never done anything like it before and i got hooked, i love doing poi!! I'm now starting to try out wraps, throws and stuff like that, after about 2 years of poiing! but i need to find someone in my area to help!!

Yay for POI!!

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I never did anything like that before .... I got my flur ball poi in the mail too monday ... it was pretty late tho and I had to work ... the day after (yesterday) I went to school for 2 hour and skip class and go try these out. I could do butterfly right at the beginning. it took around 30 min before I did the weave. I think what's help is trying to see in mind what I have to do before I try it. after that we had a Poi In The Park event nearby so we went there... a whole day of poi ... can't beat that for day one.

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Hmm, I was at a festival and met some guy who taught me weave... I then spent the rest of the day going to every single stall or person that was selling poi and trying them all out (partly to practise, partly to find the best ones to buy!)...I remember I whacked my ear with some poi that were suspiciously hard- like cricket ball stylie, which was horrible. But otherwise it was great, I knew I'd been got by the poi bug!

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the day i first picked up poi i learnt butterfly in maybe 10 minutes then didnt touch poi again for about a year. then the second time i picked up poi which is when i became a spinner, i could still do butterfly but it took me bloody ages to learn the weave, a good month or two.

every day is a poi day now smile

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Ist day is always fun (and a bit painful)
I went into it determined to learn the weave (3 bt)
After about an hour I ahd it! YAY!! smile
Then my son showed me up and fluked doing a 3 bt weave aftre watching me practice the first time! (He's only 9)
But I had problems with learning the butterfly & still have problems with the 5 beat
I've know been doing it on & off for 4 months. So many differnet things to learn....
Happy playing juggle

Are you up for it?

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cant rememeber my first day very well, was bout 5yrs ago, learnt from from my girlfriend at the time, then we broke up and i didnt touch them again until about 4months ago, now i think im really hooked. i do rememeber i got the weave and windmil pretty easy, but that was about all i tried at the start.

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Some random fellow i bumped into with friends back in my first year tryed to show me the weave which I got the 2bt version of pretty quickly.

I then didn't pick any up for a year and it was by chance I moved in with someone who'd bought these 'poi' things at Glastonbury and didn't know what to do with them. And so it began...

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today was my first day......all I managed to do was rip off a large patch of skin on my finger mad
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thegreatnoname It happen when you hold your Poi innna wrong way. When your Poi twist around your fingers you can get many blisters easly. Fix your Poi in your hands. Catch the center between your thunb and forefinger.



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thanks for the advice, I will try that as soon as the skin grows back. hug

Isn't sanity a one trick pony? Rational thought is all you get but when you are crazy the sky is the limit.

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What is it with newbies and putting poi in all caps? The world may never know...

I remember my first day, twas lovely.


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