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Posted:So I just got back to the US and got a new phone for New York (T-mobile), which, unlike many other US carriers, uses SIM cards. I did this because I wanted a phone that would be able to travel with me to other countries so that I could just land at Heathrow and pop in a SIM card for the UK and not have to go through the whole rigamarole I did last time. Since, let's face it, I'm visiting London at the next opportunity I get. It's just as far as California from New York...

So I took my new T-mobile SIM card and popped it into my phone from the UK to see what would happen. The answer is that I get no signal. OK, apparently we use a different sort of network here, eh? Heck, everything in the US is apparently "special." shrug

Then I took my Virgin SIM card from my UK phone and popped into my new US phone. I immediately got a text from Virgin Mobile welcoming me to the USA and informing me that calls 1.40 a minute and texts were 80p each. eek

I then promptly got a romantic text from Jon UCOF via Simian. (You're lovely, too, Jon! ubblove)

Right. So. If any brits are visiting the US, T-mobile has pay-as-you-go sim cards you can buy, but you need a tri-band phone.

-Mike )'(
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