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DennyHere again gone again
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So I was doing fire-poi at a friend's birthday party, in a large field. Another friend was doing fire-breathing, and at one point we were having a mock-duel, chasing each other up and down the field with fire toys.

At some point, while running away from him, I managed to do this:


How good is that? I bet I couldn't repeat it if I spent a month trying smile

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elasta 645 posts
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ubblol seconded!

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_Aime_SILVER Member
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very cool smile

Seb 643 posts
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I third the ubblol!

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I particularly like number 3 in your collection of pictures


Adya MiriyanaGOLD Member
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ubblol 4th

umm to no.3

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fussy 82 posts
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he was chasing you while breathing fire?!

nice pic though :-)

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DennyHere again gone again
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Location: Central London

Written by: fussy

he was chasing you while breathing fire?!

No, he was chasing me with the torch that he was using when he was fire-breathing, poking it at me in a mock sword-fight sort of way.

We're both trained fencers, so the pattern of movement for a duel is fairly familiar to both of us... apparently it looked quite good to the crowd anyway smile

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ilsanya 798 posts
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very nice!

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ShuBRONZE Member
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Stevo was doing that last w-end...
he kept writing NO NO NO NO!

but it was from a different angle! we got it on video!

we had a good laugh about it too!

Regards hug

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