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hi everyone

i've been thinking about making some poi with tails that would look really cool in the daytime. i was wondering what is the maximum length you culd have before they just get tangled all the time? i was thinking if the length of the poi is r, the maximum lenght of the tails shuld be 2 pi r. is that right?

also you know in rhythmic gymnastics they do that thing with a ribbon on the end of a stick, would it be a good idea to make the tails out of that stuff? i thought i could put glitter on them as well. would that work? i'm sure somebody must have tried it.

cheers ubbrollsmile

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absolute max would prolly be circumference/2 with the radius = finger to tail join

pineapple peteSILVER Member
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ive been planing this for a while now, but im lazy so i havent made it. i thought for a while and came up with this:

L = ((2 x pi x r) / 4 ) x 3

where 'r' is the length from the end of the finger loops to the end of the poi and L is the lenght from the tail join to the end of the tail.

youd need to get a fairly light tail, just browse your local material shop.

they would need to have some weight too, maybe use some hackey sack poi.

cheers, pete biggrin

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tails longer than the poi string make butterflies more challenging. do you not want a toy that provides you with the most flexible array of possible moves?

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I have poi with 1.5 Metre tails. Any longer than that is overkill IMO.

georgia knewbie
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well i'm going to try them with really long tails when i get some material. i can always make them shorter if it's too much of a pain

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if you buy kiwidos, you get them with tails you can easily add or remove - I like mine very much, but the string of the poi is divided and linked with some metal whatsoever - you can't do anything like hyperloops (I couldn't do it anyway ;-) ....
that's not much work and the tails are about 150


Disc0annoying boy
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i'd say hyperloops is very possible with kiwidos. at least the most simple version, which i do lots of. i can't power airwraps and such at all, but that seems quite hard to do with any tails.

the more more tails, the slower will they go. all kinds of wraps looks quite ugly, so think a lot about style and koreography. good luck

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Remember to balance out length of tails with weight of poi, to keep the momentum. Longer tails aren't necessarily better then shorter ones, and don't particulary look better as they can limit monoverability, although they are great for learning to stick to your planes. I wouldn't recomend having more than three separate tails for each poi either. You have to consider what moves you are likley to want to do with them, and how the tails will affect that. For instanc, tails that are too long will seriusly affect the butterfly. It is a matter for experimentation, but may cause you problems if you go overkill. I'd say 2 metres is far too long- thats taller than you unless you're a giant.

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AdeSILVER Member
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I've got some very long ribbon poi - each with 4 tails and each about 2.5/3 metres in length

The tails are made out of silk ribbon (expensive, but I liked the way the ribbon felt, moved and sounded)

I love them ubblove

yes, you need to adapt moves, and some moves (like the butterfly) do get tangled if repeated, but are fine if transitioning through moves).

Kids love them and have a great time playing with them as well ubbrollsmile

Disc0annoying boy
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if you're lookin for someyhing large in nice colours and gives a pleasant sound; get flags. it looks lovely and is great fun spinning smile

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DuncGOLD Member
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very long beautiful tails ubblove Swung nicely they're brilliant.

I'd say start as rediculously long as you can, slowy reduce the length of the tail till you're happy and then be ready to extend them again once you get really good with that length feel you are at a level to progress. I wouldn't bother with pointless forumlae, if we all span in conformity to formula's it'd be rather boring hey smile

And yes flags ubblove I played with the HoP flags the other week and was most impressed smile

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DevakasiSILVER Member
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Does anyone know what the guy is using on the "Free Lessons" Video for the Horizontal Mexican Weave? It looks like silk, maybe. That material is what I want to use for some long-tail poi.

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