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leeptaluSILVER Member
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Hi all,
Hoping that this hasnt been covered in other threads (did a search!) .Just bought myself a pair of Globalz poi- and they are pretty diappointing to say the least!! The finger loops broke after my second go and after using them for only 3 days the screw cap on the batteries is broken- and i havent even given them a good bashing! My pal bought a pair the same day and her finger loops came undone the first day also. Thinking of getting a refund and sticking with my flag poi for the mo, or maybe i should just let the shop give me a new pair and save them for night time.... or is this missing the point....?anyone out there own these poi and had probs?

pricklyleafSILVER Member
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Yes you can do soooo much better than poipoi. After seeing people spinning the more updated versions than the ones I had, the strobe ones that look like colourful rubber knots, I'm still not impressed. Out of the two people I've spoken to about, both of them had theirs brake soon after they bought them.

They are also not very bright, it needs to be pitch black to get a decent effect from them, wheras other glowpoi look good in low light levels.

I think poipoi really are a waste of money.

And don't even get me started on their orbiters. I've seen soooo many beginners buy them because they're cheap, only to find there tails shredded and compeatly fallen off within 15 minutes of spinning. 15 minutes! And it puts beginners off poi, because they don't want to buy new ones.

\end rant

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nonenonenoneSILVER Member
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hmm... i have a set of glowbalz and have never had a problem with handles etc. yes, the clips are crappy and they fell off after swinging fast but i sorted that.

the problems i had were the light coming unattached (as some have said before, gotta get the superglue out!) and i had to replace one of the balls cos it didnt work so great after a fair few collisions. but yeh, would agree, can get SO much better.

in fact has anyone got any reccomendations for any kind of 'glowing ball' (ie LED lighted) that i can put in my socks, alternativley, attach to my chains/cords i got already?!

GeezaGOLD Member
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had my glowballz poi for 3 days and were the first i bought. the leds would pop out if you knocked them a bit. The lights would flicker on and off, the hooks came undone and even the finger loops broke. The brightness was crap aswell.

In the end i took them back after the light didnt come on on one of them, the guy in the shop tried to get it working and a load of plastic bits fell out. lol. I then got some cobra poi from the same shop (which are turd aswell!) good job i got some rainbow glow poi from here with the basic nylon threads and made some nice easy sock poi. (also bought sock poi from here)

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