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Posted:...stage persona(s) are you? I, Lynnie, am the opposite of Pele, who on stage is clutsy except with fire, scatter brained and very unfocussed.Just curious.
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------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
"Oooh look! A pub!" -exclaimed after recovering from a stupid fall
"And for the decadence of art, nothing beats a roaring fire." -TMK

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Posted:Pretty specific question there Pele!
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It will be interesting to see who answers and how.It has led me to think of a question I have for everyone...Josh




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Posted:Me offstage is completely different from me onstage too.Me offstage: quiet, unemotive, awkward, never dance.Me onstage: emotive, expressive, obviously dancing, un-self-conscious.I twirled at a birthday party for a friend of a friend, and it was obvious that everyone was especially surprised at the contrast between the onstage me and the offstage me.There's something about twirling that taps into a side of me that is otherwise inaccessible.[This message has been edited by adamrice (edited 27 March 2001).]

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Posted:wow...i'm completely exactly the same, performing or not. is that bad?
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i think it's cause i'm crazy open. like, i'll tell anyone anything. honestly. so there's really nothing to change into when i'm on fire, ya know? there's just me. maybe that means i lack some kind of depth, i'm not sure. oooh! or maybe i've achieved some kind of depth! i like that thought much better.
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