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i beleive every little helps, so please follow the links and see what you can do to help the world get a little better : did you know that a quarter of all UK emissions of carbon dioxide is from households...?


The Energy Saving Trust is probably the best place for folk to get info on domestic energy saving: here's the website

They provide free advice, info and grants to encourage the more efficient use of energy in homes and vehicles across the UK. If you go to their website you can click on the area you live in and this puts you in contact with your nearest energy efficiency advice centre.

The general helpline for energy efficiency info for homeowners is 0845 727 7200


EST also have links to domestic renewable energy advice and grants:
Clear Skies provides renewable energy grants and advice for householders in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The amount of grant is dependent upon the technology installed. Householders can obtain grants between 400 to 5000 (and not-for-profit community organisations can receive up to 50,000).
Contact the Clear Skies Helpline on 08702 430 930
or here's this one, too

The Scottish Community and Household Renewables Initiative (SCHRI) provides renewable energy grants for Scottish householders and not-for-profit community organisations.

Funding for householders is set at 30% of the installed cost of a renewable measure up to 4,000.

Contact the SCHRI Hotline on 0800 138 8858 for advice

or visit:


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Posted:I wonder if they have stuff like that in Canada too...

hmmm... shrug

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Posted:Thanks for this bluecat, nice thread smile

If you have a deisel car you can easily run it on vegetable oil which costs less than 10p a litre then of course you have to pay tax on it which in england is about 30p i think.

People hardly know about it in england but i believe they Biodiesel it a lot more in mainland europe.

Funny thing is you can get better performance out of biodiesel, and it's carbon neutral, i.e you're not taking carbon from thousands of years ago and pumping it back into the atmosphere.

Also, Cars were originally designed to run on this type of fuel, then the petrochemical industry figured they could make a lot of money if we ran our cars of polluting chemicals.

Google has the answers


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Posted:has anyone seen this

Written by:
From 2007, New Zealanders will pay NZ$15 for emitting a tonne of carbon dioxide or its equivalent in other gases.

The world's first "true" carbon tax, which was announced on 4 May, won't have much impact on the country's greenhouse-gas emissions by itself. But environmentalists have heralded it as a step in the right direction.

"It may be small but it is significant," says Martijn Wilder, head of the climate change group at the international law firm Baker and McKenzie. "The New Zealand government is prepared to put a price on carbon, while many other countries outside Europe are still squabbling about it." A few European countries have introduced what are often referred to as carbon taxes, but they are not applied to all fossil fuels or based on quantity of CO2 emitted.

The tax is expected to add NZ$208 (US$152) per year to the average household's bills. The aim is to change behaviour, so that when someone buys a fridge or a car, say, they may reflect more on energy or efficiency, says Pete Hodgson, convener of the government's ministerial group on climate change.

Disappointingly for some greens, companies can opt out of the tax in return for a binding commitment to adopt the world's best practice for emission management in their industry. The idea behind this tax break is to prevent "carbon leakage" - companies moving offshore to avoid carbon sanctions. This may result in job losses, but won't reduce emissions overall.

From issue 2499 of New Scientist magazine, 14 May 2005, page 4

its an interesting way of tackling climate change and CO2 levels. I'm not sure if would really make any difference and where is the money going?


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Posted:im a very enviro friendly person (ma dad works for the environment agency too lol) i told my mate off for leaving his light on for a week cos it was a waste, he laughed in my face. he stopped laughing when i said have fun bringing your grandchildren up in a toxic world. tongue

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Posted:grandchildren and children smile

Nice one Bluecat smile