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Hi all,

This is mainly a question for anyone here from the UK. I'm new to fire staffs and have just last week bought one of my own.

I was wondering if you needed special permission to spin fire in open public places (parks etc.) and if so, who would you contact?

Anyone have any experience with this?



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No real permission needed Ed........ just be safe and have water / fire blanket, someone to spot you there biggrin

Gernerally police and coucils are ok as long as your being responsible and at least look like you know what you are doing.

If in doubt, from what ive just said, check these boards as there are many dicussions about spinning in public places round here.

Use the search function in the forum smile

Play safe dude weavesmiley

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What he said.

In Falmouth the council actually had to amend the legislation concerning fire on the beach, after two of the local coppers raised the issue of fire spinners. It was deemed that as the fire is not in contact with the beach it isn't a problem.

So we stopped spinning there.

Now we spin in the middle of town.

They love it.


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ed209Ed: geek, staffer, past participle
122 posts
Location: London, UK

Thanks for the advice guys. wink

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