greddyfirebratBRONZE Member
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Location: frankston, Australia

is anyone any good i,m in melbourne aus near franstone if your near me pm me

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strugzBRONZE Member
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Your in Oz dude, man unlucky........... there are NO good staff spinners over there wink

Try this thread

[Old link]

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GnorBRONZE Member
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rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes

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Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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i'm in melb and i can cook real good.


no, i am wearing pants.

the meet others section...

[Old link]

is a place where you may find threads about frankston gatherings....

[Old link]


come meet me sometime, and i may help out if you want smile
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pineapple peteSILVER Member
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Location: melbourne, Australia

him ^

bender is pant wettingly good.

david is good too, but not on HoP, at the gatherings. there are various other half assed - decent double staffers around the place.

cheers, pete biggrin

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