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Black Gnosis
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Posted:hinki back to your first twirl toy that got you into your hobby, mine was a simple glow stick on a shoe string...i was bored last summer, then i got two and tried swinging them together and kinda remembered something from the polynesian cultural center....this soon spread researching glowstringing which mentioned an article about the maori people and then whoo-bam! i find this site, i made another account but i forgot the password...anyways soon i went from shoestring poi to home made poi with felt and chains, clothes, socks, and eventually my personal ballchain poi, im wanting to light them aflame but i wanna meet expirianced fire twirlers to help break me in the right way so i dont do something stupid... anyways biggrin

any one else remember their first toys and how it got them into it? weavesmiley

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Posted: Written by: poje

my first staff was a 6 foot broom stick

frown you win biggrin




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Posted:I started pretty much directly with fire using cathedral headed wicks (large size) poi I made.

But before that (before poi), I spent a whole year studying staff, completely improv, with PVC piping and two light weight, weight bench foam things on each end. Ah, I still miss that staff since my brother destroyed it. When I finally made a fire staff, I was shocked at the weight difference, but the weight made it tons easier to do tricks and prevented dropping the staff loads (which I had done previously on the PVC piping staff).

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Posted:Two large red skisocks, with a pair of other socks in them, rolled up. The red socks twisted and turned upside down a few times, attached to shoelaces..

I made those to see if I liked it, and I did so two weeks later I bought some poi. The only disadvantage from my method was that the shoelaces stretched out a bit..

Well how about that...


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Posted:two 8oz empty water bottles having a shoelace attached to the cap.. if I want more weight I can add water. I can add glow sticks if I want it to glow; plus it doesn't hurt when I hit myself in the head with it.. (I believe I mention this before; or I may be mistaken).

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Posted:stolen pair of my little sisters stripey orange and white socks, w/ tennis balls

biggrin happy little panda bear biggrin
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Posted:Um, hand sewn home made bags of chick peas on leather strings..

Made 'em way too heavy, they hurt like mad when I hit myself with them.. was covered in bruises.. Plus the handles were just string, which combined with the weight gave me blisters all over my hands..

Then bought a set of fire poi, which sort of were okay, but the heads were attatched with some junk metal connectors that looked like paperclips and had a tendency to come undone at random intervals..

Ohh the memories.. biggrin


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Posted:Can someone point me in the right direction? I did a search and must not have come up with the right combinations of words. I want to know what people think of wizard poi. I bought them at the renfair on an impulse. Like them so far, but was wondering what others think might be a short coming. Other than being tailed

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Posted:i found this topic somewhere in the graveyard, looks fun

my first poi were a pair of white photons i bought that came with these tiny strings and crappy plastic holders. one little bump and they would release from the stupid clips and fly where ever they wanted to at light speed... broke them in something like four days smile

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Posted:Mothers Panty Hose.

Kidding: I dug into my rock climbing gear and fashioned some poi out of nylon strips and climbing cord. Then I bought three sets of poi from this lovely place.





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Posted:The first fire poi I ever tried was when I was on schoolies, about 5 years ago. Some girls were playing with poi, and me and my mates wanted to hit on them, so we went up and asked what they were doing. They let us have a go, but I was, obviously, pretty crap and didn't get into it.

Then recently I was in Thailand, on Ko Tao, where I saw a fire twirling show. I was so impressed, I brought some chain fire poi the next day, forgot about them, then found them a couple of days ago and started playing. grin


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Posted:Hi all

This is My First and Only Fire Toy so far a Home Made Cable Poi
Not too bad For a Home Made One

Non-Https Image Link

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Posted:my first toy was home made i cut a skipping rope in half and added tennis balls to the ends ..... i then bought a set off poi poi with the tails which i lost on a train in Europe so i bought some long socks and put tennis balls in them i still spin with socks and tennis balls know i've try and owned lots of different types of poi from day time poi to glow and fire but sock practice poi are my favourite

i know juggling clubs balls and contact as well as spin. i think i'm going to give double staff a go now.

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