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Posted:hi im new here. just purchased 24 ft of 12.5mm kevlar rope from home of poi for some monkey fists. can tie the knots no problem but was wondering what is the best thing to put in the middle of the knot to keep it solid. can anyone sugest something?


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Posted:could try a ball bearing. also, if u know someone who could do it, u could try a ceramic sphere.

cheers, pete biggrin

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Posted:monkey fists completed. found a good tutorial on this site and used a wooden block as the centre with a screw in eye hook to attach chains. not too hard to make and saved a lot of money too.



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Posted:I prefer so swing a little more weight, so I used an aluminum cylinder for the core, drilled and tapped, with a stainless eyebolt for attaching the chains. I also drilled and tapped for set screws to avoid embarrassing "fly-aways" if the bolts got too loose.

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Posted:This link is by FAR the best monkey fist tutorial I have found.... Look under tutorials to see pics, specific instructions, etc for a high-quality, long burning wick.

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