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Posted:It's great isn't it? ubbrollsmile

I bought my first staff about 5 weeks ago. A concentrate one with the red grip, and went to the Hobart fire meet the night after with a few friends who spin. The feeling of burning off and spinning with fire for the first time was incredible. About a weeks after, I got some extra wick and turned it into a double wick staff with bigger fireballs! ubbangel My parents were doubting my sanity for a little while, so I went out and bought the stuff I needed and made two short staves, 1m each to try and learn some doubles stuff which is really fun, but mighty tiring for the arms and shoulders. About 10 days ago, a friend taught me how to do a 3 beat weave with poi. Poi seemed fun, so I ordered some purple fluffy poi from homeofpoi. When they came in the mail and I opened the package I laughed for about 10 mins. Those fluffy poi are just fuzzy and hilarious!.. ubblol So now I'm learning poi and a few people are claiming they hate me for learning too fast. Now that I have no money from buying myself plenty of toys, I plan on ordering some fire snakes and 2.5" monkey fists when I do have the money. I'm definately obsessed. It's great isn't it?

*Grins like a crazyman*

Did anyone else start off the same way I did? weavesmiley

linden rathen
linden rathen

Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:obsession is the way to the future :P

i started poi bout 2 months ago and ive practised almost every day sinse :P just got my fire poi - cant wit to light up
started learning devil stick as well which im finding really hard but good fun all the same biggrin



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Posted:i am just the same and its so much fun. and lets face it spinning or cleaning i know which i enjoy more biggrin

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Posted:Yep, I'm defo addicted!! Bought 2 sets of practise poi within a week of eachother, fire poi the following and now have strobed glow poi and am waiting for some streetlight poi thingies from the US!!! Definately addddiiiiictttteeeeedd!!!...but it's a good thang! ubbrollsmile

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Posted:hey, we're all addicts here!


Carpal \'Tunnel
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everybody here is totally wacked about poi, i am, you are, he is, she is, we all love it! weavesmiley

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Posted:Some peeps dont do poi here wink

some do staff and other toys wink

We'd be worried if you werent addicted wink

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Posted:I suppose it's all ok then! ubbloco

Adya Miriyana
Adya Miriyana

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Posted:oh yes, really quite acceptable!!

homework? what?

ohhhhh you mean i should go play with my poi!!!! ubblol


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Posted:Hey! Gherkin Mate!!
Thanks for letting me burn with your long staff the other night. Good fun dude.

Makes me want to kinda take up staff.

Anyway. You gotta let me try your snakes when you get them. even though they will scare the tripe out of me.

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Member Since: 6th Apr 2005
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Posted:Hey man!

You should take up staff. It's not a lot of money to buy/make one, and then you'll have more toys to burn!

I should be ordering the snakes and monkeyfists in a week or three, and I'll let you try the snakes for sure. I checked the weight of 2.5" monkeyfists vs. cube cathedrals, and the monkeys are only a few grams heavier, so I decided to go with them. weavesmiley

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