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Posted:I see there is a diverse age range on this board. i will be 26 in may, and just started twirling within the last 5 months or so. More seriously here in the past three.But i see some peoples interest and they include, juggling, performing, Fire Breathing....and they are 17, 18, 19 yrs old. i lit a match and put it out in my mouth once when i was about 15, and my Mom smacked my in my head. I could imagine what she woulda done me twirling balls of fire in the back yard, kerosene flying everywhere..although that would prove to be an interesting story to tell the grandkids..Just curious...Super'------------------"Only the warrior that hears the call will know when to leave, Where to go" -unknown

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Posted:Performing...5.(dance, music, gymnatics/rhythm gymnastics..though I gave the gymns up for more dancing a bit later in life)Professionally performing...19.(acting,singing, dancing,stage fighting,etc)Circus skills typish things...23.(balancing, clowning/pratt falling, belly and snake dancing)Swinging and all manner of firey things...25.(Started with eating/breathing and progressed from there).I am 27 I've been at this whole performance thing awhile. The only other thing I have ever wanted to do with my life is write, and I do that too.
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Posted:national level diving infront of lots of people at a ripe old age of 13started spinning when i was 17started proforming at 17now 18 (with lots of jelious friends who cant do poi)
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Posted:i've been a pyromaniac since i was three, old enough to play with those pretty sticks which could light on fire *matches*........and those great things called lighters! i was a dangerous child. i have been twirling for about 4 years, seriously for 1 though........... :P i'm just a spring chicken, i started when i was 13
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Posted:28 (29 now)-- oldie eh? I think there was a thread many moons ago that had age stuff, it was for the even older oldies!!! the kids I played with in Vic ranged from 19-32... sorry I never got to meet you Jeff Duncan, your mikes bro' right? Happy swingin all! FFB

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Posted:yeppers im mikeys broi heard you had some pretty spank movesbut then you left before i ever got to meet ya. but i managed pretty well on my own with mike and my friend where did you go???



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Posted:set foot onstage: 5bellydancing: 21firedancing: 22It's a lifestyle, that's for sure! Performing, that is... if it weren't fire, it'd be something else.
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Posted:Started swinging back when i was 14, i'm still 14 ^__^------------------"Happiness is not a destination, but a method for life"- Burton Hills

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Posted:I guess it would have been when I was 3 months younger than I am now. So...18 =)

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Posted:well, i lighted my newly constructed staff yesterday, for the breaking in, but haven't had a chance to use them properly - we've got a fire ban here, and my parents won't let me constuct/burn them at my house, so i'm doing it at a friends, and we almost set the hedge on fire that we were sheltering under cos it was raining, and i didn't want to get my wicks wetand yeah, i'm 17my god, the roar of the fire is cool


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Posted:First started spinning staffs somewhere around 15-16, fell out of it for a few years, I'm 22 now and just started firespinning earlier this week.

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Posted:Ballet/Tap/Jazz: Age 3

Hip-Hop/Modern/Interpretive: Age 12

Entered Underground Dance Culture: Age 16

Poi: Age 27

Fire Poi and Torch Poi: Age 28

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Posted:In order of startyness

Poi: Age 16
Glowstringing: Age 16 (obviously not with fire)
Double Staff: Age 16
Rope Dart: Age 16 used fire once, was super fun, then the massive head ripped off the eyebolt and I don't have it anymore :'(
Levistick: Age 16 (not fire)
Contact Juggling: Age 16 (not fire... yet)
Devil Sticks: Age 17, just first played with them last weekend at the Ren Faire. Now I need my own! I was learning quite quickly grin

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Posted:fire has always been a pretty thing to me since i was little, but havent done any fire arts yet. Fire Poi soon though smile

first tryed Poi when i was 14 but i didnt pursue it until this past year. same amount of time with Devil Sticks.
i known how to juggle 3 balls since i was 12 but have learned any fancy tricks with them.
used to pretend fight with long branches(staff sorta) when i was a little kid but i dont think that counts as staff really haha. just started last this week.

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Zephyre Phoenix

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Posted:14 started glowstringing
13 devilsticks off and on
17 fire poi
18 contact juggling

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Posted:19 Poi and Fire
21 now, and I've picked up other skill toys for fun. Contact Staff is my fav out of any of them. And I have done fire with Rope Dart as well, and I was 20 then I think

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Posted:Dance: 6
Piano: 6
Percussion/school band: 10 or 11
Glowsticking: 13
Poi: 14
Fire: ...was going to this summer (would be 18) but my spotter kinda fell through =/
Hooping/staff: off and on but started at 18

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Posted:I learned to juggle somewhere back in middle or high school, but never really did anything more than the 3 ball cascade until I was 23.

I learned a bit of CJ around 18 or 19, but never really persued that too much.

I took up Poi around 24 somewhere, but it's been some really rapid progress followed by alot of slow progress as I'm a toss juggler first, spinner second.


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Posted:Poi/Fire: 19

I'm 28, still practising Po grin ..





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Posted:Poi/staff: 11

I'm 21 now.

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Posted:21 for pretty much everything I do right now. Yet to try fire, but mostly due to equipment cost. Some friends and party-goers told me I should try it, but I personally want to get better at Poi side of spinning before I do fire.


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Posted:poi: 14 for couple of mounths now started it up again age 16 and intending to keep going till my grave smile

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Posted:I started Last year when I was 16, didn't do fire till I was 17 though. its been a good year.

Can't wait to see what I'll do when I'm 18.


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