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_Poiboy_PLATINUM Member
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ok, i wanna make these but i wanna know some stuff...

1. where do I get a chain small enough to fit between the handles and the rope.
2. how do i attach a quicklink to the rope? should i drill at the top?
3. how many ft of rope do i need for the monkeyfist at the end?
4. what kevlar rope type (what width) should i get that would be good for both the monkeyfist and the rope itself...
5. anything else i should know?

thanx in advance... (`)P (`)

pineapple peteSILVER Member
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1. borrow the design off HoP
2. borrow the design off HoP
3. experiment
4. proly 1/2inch
5. do a search

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FlamingOberonGOLD Member
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It is hard to stop the ends from fraying with rope wick you cut yourself. i made some snakes last year and what i did was folded the wick onto itslef for about 1.5" or so, and then used metal wire to wrap it onto itself, effectivelt creating a little loop which i in turn put a quick link in.

Those snakes, however, were a disaster. but the major reason for that was because i used 3/4" wick. i have some wick in the mail right now that si 1/2" with the intent to make snakes.

as for the chains, which you need short... there are some websites that sell ball chain of any length as well as the connectors for the ball chain. i think most hardware stores carry ball chain as well, by the foot as well, and it is easy to cut down to any size you need.

as for the monkey fist knot, it is going to dpend on how big you want the know to be... the beauty of the monkey fist is that you can wrap it around as many times as you want, and essentially amke it aas big or large as you want it to be. since the last time i did it with 3/4" i have no idea how much will be needed when suing 1/2" rope. i think that i allocated 4 feet of rope per snake, which should give a little more than two feet for the monkey fist, a solid 16" of snake, and then like 6 inches of chain or so to make a nice medium lengthed poi...

(Note - the more compicated way to tie off the top of the snake where it connects to the chain, which i can possibly describe but not do, is you unravel a certain amount of the kevlar, remove the inside stuffing of the rope, and splice the kevlar together again into a flat piece, and theninvery the folded pieces and put a gromment through the whole bad boy. a friend ust received a set of HoP's snakes in the mail and thats what it looks like they do. but i know nothing about correctly splicing rope.... so i am gonna stick to a different method...

+:+:+SparklesGOLD Member
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Here's a tutorial I made for one approach.

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