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Posted:Hey all...

Carrying on my travels... Am in Byron now, have picked up 2 more short staffs and some poi and have been practising hard (though not hard enough, co-ordination comes slowly to me!!)

Will be in New Zealand though before long, within the next 2 weeks I'll be in Auckland, so does anyone know of any meets out there in New Zealand anywhere... I'm taking about 6-7 weeks to get from top to bottom, so can meet anywhere along the way...

Good stuff,


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Posted:wave hello!

auckland has a fire night on tuesdays, kinda ending soon but hopefully we'll keep something going.... and theres always juggling club on wednesdays for non-fire stuff pm me when you get here....

have a look at these too

Auckland fire

Auckland Juggling

Dunedin and other fun places

Wellington - but better check location i think they moved

again... but better pm shen shui

wellington - this one definately cos i went there wink

ahh... ok so its THIS wellington one....!

full moon drumming

not sure if this one will be useful

ok so there are quite a few posts.... sure there are more to find

also check the

meet others section

also if it has re-opened when you are here there is the Jugglers Rest Backpackers in Picton

hope that helps wink

take care


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Posted:aw nemo you are such a sweet helper!

are you still rocking through nz, dude?

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