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Posted: Unfortunatly I did not get my [censored] together and forgot my set of Poi... Hoping that someone can tell me where to get them in Chile, Peru, Bolivia or Argentina??
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Posted:What kind of Poi do you want? I suggest making some Sock Poi. Just buy a long-ish pair of socks. Pour in some lentils or dried beans/peas into the toe of the socks. Tie a knot just above the beans/peas/lentils to stop them sliding around and a knot at the top of the socks as handles and then spin them. If its Fire Poi you are after be careful to check the quality of chains, links, handles and wicks before you buy them.

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Posted:elasta went to peru last summer and told me she met loadsa people who made their own equiptment there... just keep yours eyes open for spinners at fiestas and stuff an you'll probably find someone who can sort you out.... wink

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