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Every Tuesday Ice-E Fyrestorm gets togetha at Shu's (thts me) place for a non-fyre jam session.

Okay... I'm not posting my address here! For those interested in joining us to play play play... lemme know and we can make arrangements.

List of Current Toyz which make an appearance:



-Devil Sticks

-Majick Stick

-Juggling Balls



Toyz on the way:


-Angel Wings

-Contact Balls

Other events in the pipeline:

-Weekly Toyz Developement & Brainstorming Sessions.

-Weekly Fyre Evening.

-Weekly Social Evening.

-Monthly Fyre Display.

We'll probably also be making a point of making a monthly trip to the Talking Drums Drum Circle (usually the last w-end of every month)! Will post more details l8r.

Regards hug

(Ice-E FyreStorm - Group Manager & Performer)

You know those people your parentals warned you about?... I'M ONE OF THEM! ubbloco
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