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I have my ticket - hooray! Most importantly, the Cat Empire are playing!! So who else is going - im looking forward to putting faces to names and meeting a few of you..

Tomorrows World isnt on anymore...Does that mean its tomorrow now?

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ooh might have to go seeing as its only down the road....
i can only afford one day so i'll wait till the line up is confirmed before i choose which day..

could use my car as a hop-bus...might be some spaces if anyone want a lift from taunton

Boo_BunnyBRONZE Member
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Yay! i cant wait to meet every body at Beautiful Days!
Especially as its my first festival. biggrin ubbtickled ubbrollsmile biggrin

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NateBRONZE Member
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i might go, but money.....yikes

I like Languages.

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I'll be there - the full line-up's already been announced and I've got my ticket confirmations. Now all I need is a new tent after the last one died at Glasters.


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Matty_BSILVER Member
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Won't be making this as will be heading to the PLAY festival . . .shame they are on the same weekend . . .

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