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Hi All,

I'm organising a party in spring 2005 (that's Sep, Oct, Nov for you northerners) and I'm looking for some fire artists.

My flatmate tells me that the fire performers/poi artists she saw at a bush doof called Recommended Solutions 3 (Feb 2005) were excellent and I have been scouring the net for them for a while, in vain. She reckons the leader of the troupe is called Tim.

I'd be very grateful if any of you can put me in touch with them, or get them to call me on 0415 564 280.

Alternatively, if any of you are keen to perform at this outdoor event (feat. an eclectic array of music), please email or call me. Interested parties must live in or within the vicinity of Sydney.


Peace, love and dance,
Yeh Yeau

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hey there!

Youve come to the right place - that was me and a couple of mates from the newie fire crew. i dont know anyone called tim though...

That was a great doof - a real good close friendly vibe.

The leader of the crew is a lovely guy called Andrew, who runs the newie fire crew. Im now based down in Sydney but still keep in close touch with the crew.

Ummm... Ill PM you my number.

Cheerio! biggrin
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