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Posted:wavehelloHi, my name is Laura, I am 22 years old, and for as long as I can remember, I have been a marmite addict. redface I have experimented with lots of substances - I'm also a bit of a nutella-head and partial to the odd jam splurge, but I think I can control it...
(ok ok, sometimes I get a bit out of control at parties or the like and generally someone ends up with a nutella-face redface... but its all harmless fun really.)

But one habit I take very seriously is Marmite consumption. I have tried sometimes mixing various substances on toast: - cheese and marmite ubblove, marmite and peanut-butter, marmite and jam... but today I was introduced to the idea of marmite and mustard together on toast eek It was just too much. I am disturbed.

wowBut, for you, Elora dana, a real inspiration in the field of toastal experimentation, much respect! cool


An addict in Vienna.

there's nothing quite as fulfilling as a tasty airwrap

if you're full of sh!t, at least you're fertile

"we are all flowers growing in God's garden... and that is why he spreads the sh!t around" - David Byrne

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