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Posted:After looking at some of the videos here, I feel really embarrassed to post this. It's such a newbie video. But, oh well. No guts no glory...

I've been spinning for a week at the time of this video, which was last night. I'm using glowsticks, but I'm practicing for fire, hence no wrapping-around-the-arm tricks. I tried to do a few more moves, but I kept smackin' the ceiling, so I K.I.S.S.ed it (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Yes, I intentionally choreographed it with the music. Granted, wasn't too difficult, but at least I bothered syncing it... Don't flame me too bad, I've had no instruction... I self-taught all I know...


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Posted:link doesnt work for me but would be nice to see a video form a newbie cos im one of them too!

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Posted:Ok, I took a little look. Have to say, it was kind of hard to see the red glowsticks. I had the impression that you were quite limited by the space available, otherwise we would have seen a few more overhead moves? Weave turns were nice to see. Try keeping your wrists touching when your doing the weave to make it look a bit nicer. Also put your hands next to each other when doing the butterfly to make it look like a nice near circle. Nothing that won't come with a little more time and practice. Well done for putting a video out there, it does take guts! smile

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Posted:alright mate, good vid smile and not bad spinnign, especailly for a newbie, dont be nervous about putting up a video, you got to start somewhere!

few helpful observations i'd make
1) when doing moves like a weave, it looks more relaxed and stuff if you actually have your arms lower out on your body nearer your waist rathen that straight out like zombie pose smile
2) slow down a bit when doing your crossovers ( 2 beat weave it looks like, in the instances of 1:48 and 1:50 it looks a bit messy, chill out when doign it and it'll feelmore natural and your spinning style will do the same
3) try and move a bit more, even if its just swaying to the side, bend your knees anythign, any movement you cand o will make it look even better and shows your more comfortable.

good vid, lets see more biggrin

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Posted:The intro was really to the music! I liked that a lot.
I like the fact that you are really are trying to move, you looked limited on space.

Pyrowill has got some good tips.

Nice first vid, liked the glowsticks. smile
Can't wait to see your next.


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