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Boo_BunnyBRONZE Member
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I was reading another thread about spinning weird things (like shopping bags and wallets) but i was wundering
'Where is the weirdest place you have ever spun in?'
Like yesterday when i was on the train and i had some shoelaces in my bag (i cant remember why i had them) and i started to spin a butterfly. I stopped after i noticed the some people staring and wispering.
I was SOO inbaresed redface

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I spun out doors in a cyclone once, that was rather interesting. I've also spun on the edge of a sand bar where a reef was exposed at low tide.

poxe679GOLD Member
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Posted: blue headfones lol now where would b a weird place...on top of a moving car riding no hand on my bike down a hill um where els in a drive throu bottle shop after visiting there erlyer at my work i work at a child care center kids enjoyed the prity tails

squidBRONZE Member
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hehhe. Im an elementary school teacher. So spinning at work is always fun. smile Most of the kids now know the name of it and what Im doing.

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a gig a while back, dresses as a witch at the launch of the last harry potter book smile

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Spinning: Oddest object: anything that is corded honestly, in my hands will get spun! oddest has to be a pair of box chain chainmail ropes with kubatons on the end of them.(word to the wise, they hurt when you flub!) heavy as heck but sounds cool! oddest place: isle of IHOP. explaining what poi are without a demo is silly!

contact juggling: oddest object: a 1-up Mushroom stuffy(yes, mario ^.^) various fruit in the grocery store, a cornish game hen,
oddest place: an irish pub, by request. (it got to the point I wasnt allowed in the bar without my ball! ubblol beerchug )

Flower sticks: Boston red line, both on the platform and in the train itself.

Twirling: objects: dagger,escrima stick, anything balanced enough...
place: work, with a small piece of rebar.

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On a F.O.B. in Iraq. Not realy weird but, definately strange seeing as how when i was getting my glo poi together we started getting mortared. I still get jokes about signaling the iraqi's.

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