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  Posted: croweded house founder commits suicide...

this is so sad!! all my childhood memorys are of crowded house playing in the background, four seasons in one day, better be home soon, dont dream its over....

Its so sad!! frown Espically when they were starting to do a whole lot of come back tours in Aussie and NZ.... hug

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  Posted:that's no good! i'm not familiar with that band, but that doesn't matter. it always sucks when people die.


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  Posted:Take this at face value. But I'm seeing a trend in that, suicides in 80's band people. It's not like an immediate thing, but it's going on. I wonder if it's them thinking they can't "live up" to the memories of fans or what not.

Either way, it's saddening.


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  Posted:This made me very deeply sad. It is a strange thing when someone famous passes. You cannot claim the personal connection of family and friends, and yet their words have had an influence without them even knowing.

It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

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  Posted:there is no emoticon for this

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  Posted:It makes me sad. Until I read that he had two little girls. Then it makes me angry.

Like my sweet older coworker says "If you got kids, you're not allowed to kill yourself. That's it, you're not allowed."

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  Posted:Escape is on your mind again
Escape to a far away land
At times it seems there is no end

-"How will you go"

Hey now, hey now
Don't dream it's over
Hey now, hey now
When the world comes in
They come, they come
To build a wall between us
Don't ever let them win

-"Don't Dream It's Over"

Sad but I agree with your co-worker NYC. I've known a few suicides now, and the ones with children have no excuse.
It's too bad.

I will say that while this band hit it's prime only 10 years ago (Don't Dream was in 95 or 96), they had that whole skyrocket thing happen to them, with a hard fall. Many don't recover from that, and some don't move on either. It must be terribly hard, to be sure.

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  Posted:Written by: NYC

It makes me sad. Until I read that he had two little girls. Then it makes me angry.

Like my sweet older coworker says "If you got kids, you're not allowed to kill yourself. That's it, you're not allowed."

so fuckin true! hug

the memories tho! will miss their music. smile


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  Posted:why is it all the really talented people go first? They don't seem to understand what they meant to people. Everyone has a story to tell............

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