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Posted:so my dog is going through a second puppyhood but being a little bit older now (12) shes a bit more cunning, recently she has been stealing empty plastic containers taking them down the park and putting a few puncture marks in them, stealing un opened bags from the low closed kitchen cupboards taking them outside and shreding them, sneaking into my mums pottery shed to open the fabric boxes (my mums very arty) to pull them all out and generally make a big mess, but yesterday she went to a whole other level she went up to the side shed (we have lots of sheds) got into the recycling box and took out an empty beer bottle which she took down to the sunken garden and proceeded to try and eat frown this was quite worrying as when we found the mess there was blood on the glass. its got to the point now where she isnt allowed in the front of the house or any of the sheds, im just dreading what shes going to do next

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Posted:sounds like she needs some new things to do? maybe a few new toys? Do you take her walking everyday? She may be getting a bit bored...

All else failing take her to a doggie physcologist... that may help!! smile

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Posted:lol now animals need psycologists?? it'll never end! umm

keep all fire toys locked up and safe!!!!

I know what you mean. My cat eats all my shoelaces and hairties. The cobweb eating is somewhat of a worry, but useful i suppose. I think she's about 8 and hasn't grown out of the kittenhood yet!

yes, get some toys for her.. and hide everything else. Imagine she's like a little baby. Valura will have to get used to that, too wink


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