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Posted:So as Laurel so gracefully wrote in her email to me, we've finally pulled our fingers out of our arses and got the meets up and running again.

Same place as last year, in Alexandra park, which those of you who have been there before - will agree its a very pretty place to be.

There is a caf, public toilets open until 6.30 and and boating lake.

Unfortunatly Hastings and Rother park rangers tell us we can't spin fire in the park, so when the time comes we walk the 3/4 of a mile to the beach. Usually pit stopping at the Pig in Paradise pub which has reasonably priced good food. And like...beer on tap and everything biggrin

On the 21st of May we shall meet from 2 onwards on the large bit of grass inside the main entrance. You can't miss it. Theres a large white war memorial to the left of the field and a boating lake just yonder.

It's actually impossible to find a map of Hastings which includes the station, and the park. When Laurel has told me directions I'll stick them on here.

I don't remember road names. I don't need too. My feet work out the exact angle of the hill I'm walking up/down and I can tell exactly where I am....in relation to the hills.

Hastings is hilly.

Anyway, it's a really easy route from station to the park, and I'll get directions up on here soon smile

About the park

Hastings taxi's

Please note. Hastings isn't always the prettiest place. People can be rude, and hurty with knifes and things (really making you guys wanna come here ey? wink )

We don't live in a ghetto, but this place dosn't exactly have the friendliest chavs/immigrants/drunks wink

If you are comming alone, please alert a Hastinger. My mobile number is available by request and I am more than willing to come meet you should you arrive by train. Especially if you are arriving when its dark.

As per usual all skill levels, ages, races welcome.

Hope to see some familier faces on May 21st! biggrin

(notage: If people wish to come on the saturday from afar, I'm sure I can rustle up some floor space at my dads house..or even mums if shes feeling special as its closer biggrin Give me a buzz and I'll see what I can do. Also notage: I'm not sure how many spinners will be around on the saturday. I will be after work, but I can do some rustling of the hastingers and once again, I'll see what I can do smile )


Miss Aimz xx

(here are the dates for the next few months)

May 21st

June 4th

June 18th

July 2nd

July 16th

August 6th

August 20th

September 3rd *September dates onwards subject to change*

September 17th

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Posted:damn i would of come to the first meet but the weather was really really bad and i didnt wanna get wet and cold! yeah what a girl!
well im definatly gonna come to the next meet tho(aslong as the weathers good!) biggrin


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Posted:i'm definitely going to be there at some point, will wait till the weather is good and there is a break in revising and i can bake some lovely goodnes. smile


Posted:hey im not sure if i shud ask this question here but i shall anyway, apologies if its in the wrong place.
what are the fire regualtions for hastings beach? im hoping to do some fire down there with friends and im not sure if im allowed or whatever. can i ??? thankyou hug


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Posted:Fire on the beach is fine. As long as you don't mind passers by coming up to you and watching/asking what you're doing etc.


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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Or a drunk trying to put his foot in your dipping bucket..


Posted:thanks, and i'll watch out for them drunks! ubbrollsmile


Posted:so is there any info on "the big meet"? by big meet i mean more than the usual five or six! lol.




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Posted:Im gonna be in hastings this weekend, just wandering if there is gonna be any spinning or meets hapeening at that time smile

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