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Posted:i moved to brooklyn not to long ago for school
i'm and illustration major and im really big on raves,art,and artist
if anyone is big on spinning and is in this area
glowstix or poi it doesent matter
i would love to pratice with someone else
i havent meet anyone that spins outside of a rave or club
if anyone is around let me know
till then
spinning is enough to keep me busy forever
you cant master something that changes with the moods you feel
so don't pratice with the goal mastering strings
do it with the intention of being able to express yourself prefictly

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Posted:Hello Glowlink and welcome to HOP

You should definitely check the "meet others" section and you'll find firedancers in your area for sure...

Also check the "events and gatherings" section on this board for possible gatherings / meets that'll help.

I don't recall seeing your introduction thread in the itro section, so please do post infos on you there

Shine on

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Posted:I'm from NYC and miss it alot, though I haven't lived there in quite a few years.



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Posted:Thanks Cass! And a firey welcome to glowlink!

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