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i think my subject header says it all, but i'll try to expand my question.

i've really wanted to get some tailed poi that is uv reactive, but have not been able to find any that have a weighted poi head. most poi heads are bean bags or vinyl tennis balls, and i like to spin with more weight in the head to keep my arms in shape and to simulate the feel of fire poi. also, i've seen that the length and width of poi tails varies quite a bit, and since i can't try any out before buying them i was wondering what people thought on this topic of tail dimensions as well.

so, since i've yet to see anything i really like (oh yeah, i want the poi heads to swivel as well), i was thinking of making my own, but cannot figure out how. has anyone made their own tailed poi with swivel balls?

thanks a bunch!

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Check out the Pseudo fire tails.
Man, you come to your all in one source for poi and fire spinning and you didn't bother checking the shop?

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I don't know quite how the tailed poi in the HOP online shop are constructed, but might it be possible to take a set with tennis balls in the heads and modify them? Take out the tennis balls and slip something heavier in, like perhaps a monkey fist of some sort, or a heavier ball of similar dimensions? If that's possible, it might be better than completely reinventing the wheel, as it were.

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slit the top of the ball and fi with something? beans, ball bearings, if you don't want them rattlin then maybe pva glue or liquid latex?

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Yeh, just check out the shop and buy tennis ball type, then fill the tennis balls.

As for tail length, the width doesn't have much noticeable effect on the way they spin, they'll just look a bit different, wider tails will drag a little bit more. Length has more effect- longer tails drag a lot more and tangle a lot.

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thanks for the thoughts.

yes, i did check online on the HOP shop first thing, but the descriptions and photos didn't satisfy me when i Initally looked at them. i wanted to see a picture of how the swivel on the tail head is attached and to what it is attached to (the ball or the fabric..etc..)

i hadn't though of filling in the tennis balls with more weight. that's a good idea.

i did check out the pseudo poi tails, but can't tell how long and wide they are from the photo.

has anyone tried either the buzz poi tails, utlimate performance poi tails or the pseudo tails? they are all totally different lengths and styles. just curious what people liked best.


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