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Posted:Okay something really strange is happening to me. I just got my whip on Saturday. I am so excited, I can actually make it crack. This is the third whip that I have tried. The first was too heavy it was an 8 ft the second was too fast it was a 4 ft this one is just right at 6 ft. So anyway I practised all day Saturday and upon falling asleep I kept waking myself up trying to crack my whip. I was dreaming about the whip and was actually trying to crack it in my sleep. Unfortunately there is a table next to my bed that I kept hitting. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

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Posted:He he all you need is a dream Chair and you could be a dream lion tamer. I don't know why i'm laughing dream lions are vicious...

Does this site actually exist? Or am i talking to all my other personalities?


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Posted:Whips are IMO the best firetoy there is so congratz! biggrin

I do both single and double whip... look in my gallery for a little taste

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