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Posted:its the TRUE Super Saiyajin again.i would just like 2 know who is like the greatest in poi.then so i can takl 2 ya if i need help and 2 find out about u etc. etc.l8! The TRUE Super Saiyajin, SsJ KaKaRoTtO

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Posted:I think that we all have our high points and our low points and to say that anyone person is the best when we all can't really see one another is a hard thing to guage. I also think it depends, do you want technique? Innovation? Creativity? Martial Arts based? Dance based? For "professional" jobs or raves?We are all soooo different, I think you can benefit from everyone.IMHO that is.
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Posted:here here pele.from what i've read in the threads, we all have something to offer in different scenarios.i know for a fact that i dont much about 'professional' performance, but, i do love to freestyle for hours at raves and parties, and especially enjoy the dance+social aspects of poi.-------------------------------------------"some see the world as it is and ask why?others see the world as they want to , and ask, why not?


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