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i've just made a pair of new, heavy, thin-gripped contact staves. to save my wrists, I thought it'd be cool to have some kind of leather cuff. i know poi ppl have talked about this vis-a-vis wraps; but my search wasn't very helpful.

the question is: does anyone know of a decent UK supplier for the kind of thing I'm looking for - 3 inch softish leather, probably, with as little in the way of buckles as possible (laces would be better)? or, for that matter, have any opinion on whether cuffs are a good thing or not?

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Try looking for leather bracers on google. They are frequently worn by men in Renaissance costumes. I know they are sold at Ren. Faires on a regular basis.

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Re-Enactment Fairs/Markets/Events are also a place to try.

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I dont think they are necsacary for saving your wrists, but if you think they are cool, go for it!

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Its fairly easy to make your own. Map a cloth or card pattern first, so as not to waste more expensive leather, to get sizing and go for it. If you use a heavy leather it might be comfortable to pad them with sheepskin.

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